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Musandam tour packages: Sail around the Beautiful Fjords of Musandam, As a coastal governorate, the locals of Musandam have built lots of traditional boats and dhows that they use for fishing, among other pursuits. More importantly, going for a boat ride with visitors and tourists is a must-do activity in Musandam. Going through the gulf waters, visitors can enjoy watching the unique fjords, while drinking Omani coffee (Kahwa) and dates, and chatting with locals. Visitors can also ask drivers to stop the boat so they can have a swim in the crystal turquoise waters of Musandam and enjoy the refreshing weather.

Visit the popular Bassa Beach, where you’ll find calm and warm waters which are ideal for swimming and diving. It’s a shady beach, and you can camp here and have some extended family time. When it storms, the beach is full of attractive seashells – go grab some treasures for your own collection! You might spot a shark or two swimming in the shallow waters after a storm as well.

Musandam is historically one of Oman’s most remote and impoverished areas, home to tribes who had little in common, either culturally or linguistically, with those further south. The inhabitants of Kumzar continue to speak a unique language – Kumzari – based on Iranian blended with elements of Arabic, along with numerous loan-words from Hindi, English, Spanish and French – said to be the result of sailors shipwrecked along the coast who settled in the village. The region has also enjoyed close connections with Iran, just a short boat trip away over the Strait of Hormuz. Until recently a flourishing smuggling trade connected the two, and the influence of Iran continues to be strong to this day.

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Located in Zighy Bay, the Six Senses Zighy Bay is probably the world’s only village-style resort that lets you check-in by paragliding. The 20-minute paragliding journey, after showcasing breath-taking sights from hundreds of meters above the ground, ends at the resort’s private beach. Of course, there’s an alternative way to reach the property from the mountain top, that is by driving – but that’s too normal, isn’t it! Zighy Bay, on the Musandam Peninsula, is a picturesque region flaunting the Hajar Mountains and an untampered coastline to all. Here, you can enjoy the culture of Oman and buzz of the UAE simultaneously. With both contemporary and traditional attractions, you are bound to make your travel experience truly extraordinary.