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Top travel attractions in Atlanta: In recent years, Atlanta has become a major economic and cultural center, as well as an important hub of air traffic. Internationally famed businesses, including Coca-Cola and CNN, have their headquarters here. Don’t expect to find a quiet, romantic Southern city when visiting Atlanta. Instead, visitors will find a rather large, always busy, often congested, yet extremely vibrant American city of close to half a million souls, all seeming to want to be precisely where you are. That said, Atlanta is certainly not without its Southern charm.

Atlanta is still the focal point of an important network of rail lines and interstate highways. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, 10 miles (16 km) southwest of downtown Atlanta, is one of the world’s busiest airports. The first rapid-transit commuter rail opened in 1979, and by the early 21st century the system had expanded to include several more lines. Atlanta remains the financial and commercial capital of the Southeast and is its most important distribution centre. Printing and publishing, high-technology industries, telecommunications, airline services, military and government services, and banking and insurance are supplemented by industries producing aircraft, beverages, automobiles, electronics and electrical equipment, chemicals, processed foods, and paper products. Atlanta is also the focus of federal government activity in the Southeast and is the headquarters of the 6th Federal Reserve District. The city itself is relatively small but is surrounded by a sprawl of low-density suburbs. Read additional info at Atlanta minimum wage.

Atlanta is simply alive, always evolving and raising the bar on one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll be talking about for years to come. You can tour the Coca-Cola factory at World of Coca-Cola and find out how one of America’s most iconic beverages is made. Interactive and behind-the-scenes animal encounters at Georgia Aquarium put you right in the action. That’s just a sampling of amazing attractions ready to be discovered. Start exploring our unique blend of activities and prepare to be impressed.

For a change of pace after all that Atlanta sightseeing, head over to Ponce City Market. Set in a former Sears warehouse, this site has been the subject of much urban renewal and redevelopment in recent years, resulting in it becoming one of the city’s top shopping and entertainment venues. In addition to its boutique shops and galleries, the market houses a wide variety of food experiences, from casual cafés to elegant fine-dining restaurants. One of the best places to visit for a coffee or meal is “The Roof.” This vast rooftop area features patio seating, event space, and an arcade-style attraction reminiscent of traditional fun fairs. It also offers superb views over the city and makes for the perfect place to watch the sunset over this dynamic Southern city.

On the cultural side of things, Atlanta has amazing museums that cover everything from Jimmy Carter to Civil Rights to Coca-Cola to Trap music. Don’t miss visiting these museums to learn about the unique culture of the South (and more). The city also has plenty of attractions focused on entertainment and other pursuits. Atlanta has famous fast food joints that draw visitors for more than just a bite to eat, a great zoo and aquarium, beautiful parks and outdoor recreational opportunities, and a state-of-the-art stadium. These Atlanta attractions are worth revisiting again and again. After you’ve had your fill of Southern fare — you can’t visit Atlanta without eating your way through the best BBQ joints or diving into hearty plates of biscuits or fried chicken at a breakfast spot — work it all off by touring these parks, museums and other great attractions that the city has to offer.

In 1886, a chemist named Dr. John Pemberton devised a syrup designed, or so he claimed, to relieve headaches and other perceived maladies. A friend of his mixed the glutinous liquid with water and carbonic acid, and the result of the mixture soon became the world’s most popular soft drink. The World of Coca-Cola illustrates the history and triumphal progress of the world-famous drink in entertaining ways that will please all ages. A new exhibit, Scent Discovery, explores the sense of smell and the origins of various fragrances, testing your sense of smell and exploring the sources of different aromas. See more info on