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Destinations and vacation tricks and tips in Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico 2023: Palmas del Mar is a beautiful beach resort situated in the southeastern part of Puerto Rico. The luxury resort features gorgeous villas spread out over 2,750 acres. Amenities at the resort include 20 tennis courts, 16 restaurants, an on-site casino, and spa. While staying at the Palmas del Mar, you’ll find no shortage of amazing things to do at the resort and the surrounding areas. The beach area at the Palmas del Mar is the hotspot at the resort. With a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea, it’s no surprise that guests can lounge here for hours on end. Chaise lounges are available to guests who want to sit back and relax while sipping on a delicious tropical cocktail. Once you get hungry, the nearby restaurant serves fresh Island-inspired cuisine such as conch, grilled lobster, and octopus salad. If you’d like to venture off of the resort, another popular beach is the nearby Morillo Beach where the area has maintained its natural, unfettered beauty. See extra details at Resort Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico.

The beach has many palm trees that create a very good shade to make BBQ and to carry hammocks. At sunset, the beach fills with pelicans enjoying their last meal of the day, which is spectacular to see them jump into the water. Both tourists and visiting residents have the advantage of having the hotel and refreshment spots close by. The beach is easy to get to, clean and very good for children and family. If you plan to visit Puerto Rico, Playa Palmas del Mar should be on your travel agenda. Discover all that Palmas del Mar beach has to offer in addition to its many attractions.

Vieques, eight miles from mainland Puerto Rico, has become a popular beach resort with small, upper-end hotels, restaurants, shops, and galleries. With the departure of the United States Army from the island in 2003, Vieques turned its focus to tourism. Beautiful beaches are now supported with a quality tourism infrastructure that attracts both Puerto Ricans and foreign travelers, who take the time to make their way over to the island. There are no large hotels or high-rise condo complexes. At 21 miles long and five miles wide, Vieques is the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands but still offers a small-island feel. The island is also known for a unique phenomenon at Mosquito Bay (also known as Bioluminescent Bay), where a large concentration of phosphorescent dinoflagellates light up movement in the water at night. Take a tour, either in a boat or canoe, or a bioluminescent bay kayak trip after dark to experience this natural wonder. While this phenomenon occurs in other areas of Puerto Rico, this is this best place to experience it. Vieques can be reached by air or ferry, with ferries departing from Fajardo.

The eastern coast of Puerto Rico has always been one of the most underrated areas in the island. While the west is known for being a surf paradise, most people that go to the east tend to think that is better because of their proximity of Vieques and Culebra island. In Local Guest we have the mission to show you that, no matter where you go, there is always something to do, to support local economy and that will enrich you profoundly. This time, we went down all the way to the town of Humacao to show you a bit of the wonders of the east coast.

As a tropical Caribbean travel destination, Puerto Rico has it all and then some. Beautiful palm-lined beaches, some with calm warm waters lapping the golden sand and others with huge waves and famous surf breaks, draw all kinds of beach seekers, from couples and families to hard-core surfers. Home to the US Forest System’s only tropical rainforest and the nighttime wonders of the Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico is a pleasant surprise for nature lovers. Add to this the culture and charm of historic San Juan, with its colonial architecture and old forts, and the picture is complete.

Another thing to do as part of your Palmas del Mar trip is to visit the awe-inspiring El Yunque National Forest. The tropical rain forest has become known for its many hiking trails and gorgeous waterfalls sprinkled throughout the park. Admission is free and there are ranger-led tours available. Another option for nature lovers is the Humacao Wildlife Center. The sanctuary is only four miles away from the resort and has hiking and bike trails as well as picnicking areas. See even more details at